Best Christmas Gift!


I've played the violin for 15 years now, and this year, my violin copped out. Thus I was violin-less for couple months. I don't think you know how i felt, not being to play a note. Listening to music that I could play depressed me,(i.e. Classical music was not listened to at all, as well as jazz and reggae and others). My mother seeing that I NEEDED a new violin, asked her friends to contribute towards it, and after back and forth emails from the violin store in Florida. I HAVE IT. WOOT WOOT. I kind of want to cry....not being able to play something that is basically a part of me. Rough times I tell you. I soo HAPPY AND EXCITED to have my own, new violin. YAAAYYY! *fireworks*
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Big ups To Duffy's Rare Violin. Recommend them HIGHLY.

-Chialine <3

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