Handbags Or Nah?


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I have random thoughts that come into my mind, and I feel like sharing one of my thoughts. Hoping I'm not the only one who has this thought.
I see many women of various ages and stages wearing handbags, even little girls carrying around handbags; and I'm always wondering to myself, why aren't I interested in this.
Once upon a time I myself did use a handbag, emphasis on one. I just think its a hassle and a safety hazard to carry one. I believe in the pocket, meaning I believe if I have a pocket to put things in, whats the point of a handbag. I prefer a backpack, over a handbag ANY DAY. I don't know why tho. Maybe its the one shoulder situation, where I prefer to carry load on my back rather than on one shoulder. I really don't know.
But.....I love looking at handbags and have a preference on which one I would want. But I'd just be there to look at, not to be used, because as said before, to me, its unnecessary for someone like myself. #backpackoverhandbag
Just a random thought that comes to me once in a while.

Peace & Love
-Chialine <3

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