My 5 Goals for 2015


2014 has ended, and 2015 is a new year, where you can improve yourself and change things which need to be changed.
Thus, my 5 Goals of 2015, it should be 15, but lets be realistic, the goals should be actually attainable.
  • Maintain, as well as improve my relationship with God. BECAUSE I NEED HIM BADLY.
  • Try to save money. I'm a spender, not a saver. Truly a big problem. I tried the "piggy bank thing", and I may or may not have took a knife to it and cut the plastic piggy for the money. #dontjudgeme
PicMonkey Collage piggy
  • Pay more attention to CONSTANTS in my life, rather than the variables in my life. Whether that be people or things. I kind of ignore or slightly forget someone or thing once something exciting occurs with someone or thing else.

  • Exercise, or at least not be a bed bum in my free time.
  • Get better grades and continue to improve my work ethic.
A plus one:
TO TRY TO BE AN SEMI-INDEPENDENT WOMAN(in all aspects except financial). I'm still a student. 

Peace & Love
-Chialine <3

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