Quick Tip: Dry Skin Solution


I don't know if you remember, but some time ago I paused on my makeup looks because of an skin issue. This skin issue was caused by a particular powder foundation, which was a bit light for me and I had to use my actual shade of powder to cover up that situation. (AKA I'm a eedz and I blame the woman at that Sav. pharmacy for giving me the wrong shade). My skin became rough, dry, flaky, and it even hurt to smile. So you know it was BAD!
I found a solution to this tho:
Morning and night after I bathed; I combine extra virgin olive oil and a facial moisturizer and in two(2) days, my face was back to "normal". It's a continuous process to fully restore my skin tho, so that my skin will remain hydrated and wont crack on me....AGAIN.
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Thus, the makeup looks will soon return. Trying to repair my skin to a state where I'm pleased with the pictures, when they are taken, as well as the application of the makeup.

-Chialine <3

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