As I always say, this post is not speaking about anyone specifically in my life. If you think its you, u need a life. Leave!
Do you have genuine happiness in your life? Genuine in the sense that it is not received from someone's presence in your life or you receiving a gift of some sort. I mean genuine, meaning even if your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you, you won't have a mental break down or go into deep depression, because if that happens. You have a problem sweetie.
Gradually, throughout 2015, I have received a sense of genuine happiness, where if I've failed an exam or a friend and I have drifted apart, I haven't felt depressed or felt the need to cry myself to sleep because of the negative occurrences in my life. I have genuine happiness from realizing everything happens for a reason; happiness from realizing that God is the master of my life; happiness from appreciating the simple things in life (e.g. food, clothing, shelter, education, my family(present and past); happiness in realizing I can't change who I am physically, so I'm just gonna appreciate the body God has given to me and work with it; happiness in realizing, no one is worth getting high blood pressure for or for me to be angry with for a long period of time; happiness in realizing its ok to be alone, you need time by yourself to meditate on life.
True happiness doesn't come from having a bf/gf or having the new Samsung S6 Edge. Happiness starts with you as an individual, and having the ability to be happy or to see the joy in life, when things arent going your way. Having a bf/gf or a new phone are nice things to have, but the phone will eventually get broken or you'll get sick of it, and your bf/gf may cheat or you get tired of him(or not). BUT, genuine happiness NEEDS to start with you. No one or no thing can make you genuinely happy, money can't, flashy clothes can't, expensive cars CAN NOT. All those things can be destroyed or taken out of your life very quickly and it just leaves you with yourself to meditate on life and find some joy in the madness we call Life.
So I hope anyone who reads this will one day find genuine happiness, because there is nothing more important, than being HAPPY.
I'd love if you will tell me in the comments, if you have even a sense of genuine happiness in your life or if this has helped you in anyway.

Peace & Love,
Chialine <3

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