2 Lessons in 1


So we gonna have story time today.
At the beginning of this semester, everything was fine, til I felt like I should fix something. As my friends, refer to me as the “fixer”, I see it my job to help people when I see that they are about to be hurt by someone or something. SMH TO ME. So I tried to warn this girl that something may be going on that if it was true, it would really crush her heart(this was based on what my friend saw). So as the “fixer” I tried to help. HA! This ended up with couple people not speaking to me, people wanting to beat me up among other ridiculous things that I have blatantly forgotten and I literally don’t care about anymore. THUS, 2 weeks past, and even though I was told I shouldn’t, I apologized to the person for “fassing” in his business and that it wasn’t my place and etc etc. BUT…..even though I’ve apologized things haven’t returned to normal and to be honest I REALLY DON’T GIVE TOO POOPS ABOUT IT,  because if you were willing to beat me up over something so innocently done, why would I want you as a friend.
So what I have learn’t is to LEAVE MAN & WOMAN BUSINESS ALONE, because no matter what they say or what u may perceive based on the image portrayed to you, you don’t know the real story between them. Also, even if you apologize, that doesn’t mean things will go back to normal, because even if they still don’t like you, so what. MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE, they aren’t worth your mind space. You made sure to apologize because you knew you did something wrong, your conscience is free, leave it be.
*P.S. If you know who I’m referring to or think I’m speaking about you, keep it to yourself. I’m done with this. Continue to ignore/ hate me if you want to.
Peace & Love
-Chialine <3

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