Do We Grow After Every Failed Relationship


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So, the people I hang out with motivate me to ponder life occurrences, by questioning me on different things. This time, I was asked if I thought being with someone for only 2 months would feel like a waste.
To be honest, based on my own perspective and viewing other people's experiences, it takes 3 months to fully know someone, so if you past the 3 month mark and you are still loving and caring for your significant other, you good. If you don't past the 3 months, well at least you realized sooner than later.
But, to answer that question. I don't think any period of time for a relationship is a waste. We learn something from every failed relationship. Either, we learn more about our likes, dislikes, tolerance and etc, or we learn what kind of person we never want to be with, or we learn that we need to change some negative factors/mindsets in our lives as its not benefiting our overall growth.
To be honest....seems I'm being very honest today. I have had few relationships, and I have been the one to end all of them, because of unhappiness, seeing certain features of my ex in which I knew I could not live with in the long run, there not being a place for Jesus in that relationship and other factors which include me being the issue and me wanting better for the other person, which I realized overtime.
BUT.....I have grown from all those relationships in some way or the other. Either in my overall perception of people, learning not to jump to conclusions and hearing people out first, not rushing into things, making sure he is my great friend over all else, realizing I get attached quite easily and stopping myself from doing that, and in general, learning that if God is not the center of my relationship or if he doesn't guide me to the right person, it will, like the others FAIL.
So, think about your past relationships. Have you learn't from any of them; something new about yourself or something you think you should change for your betterment.
P.S. These are just my personal views, if you differ, just remember not everyone thinks the same, hence why we are all unique.
Peace & Love,
Chialine <3

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