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So.... I used to have a skincare regime a year ago. My skin stayed clear, so I stopped using it(BAD IDEA CHIANN). 2 months ago my face was plagued with acne and mini spot and etc. For the first, I wore makeup to a church event, because my face was in a deplorable state and I couldn't bother to answer people's questions on "why my face stay so". THUS.....I did some research and bought some skin products to help with my skin issues.

MY SKINCARE ROUTINE (FACE)(in this order):


 My Skin Progression from Ewwww to Its Getting Better:

P.S. I've never had horrible acne. But for me to have so many bumps and acne on my face than normal, I had to fix it. Also, I haven't been posting a lot as its exam time. Pray for me to get all A's. AMEN.

Peace & Love,
Chialine <3

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