Challenge: Three Goals- General, School & Blogging


So I'm gonna challenge myself to keep to these 9 goals. Lets see if I'll start any, continue any, get any done or make a habit of any. #JESUSTAKETHEWHEEL
  • Get a Driver's License 

Think is about high time I get my drivers license. 
  • Be More Adventurous

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I'm going to try...emphasis on TRY, to be more adventurous. Leave my house more often and not say No or make up excuses when people invite me to place.
  • Be more prepared for the classes I teach & advance my own learning.

I teach violin, I'm gonna be more prepared for my lessons and stop winging it. Hopefully he doesn't read this. but if he does. Hi sir. :D

  • Exercise (go the pool & do some laps)

Look how long me and Naji said we gonna start exercising. Let's see if we gonna do it. *looks to the Lord for help*
  • Study harder 

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  • Get A's (G.P.A need to get little cuter)

  • Post something at least once a week

  • Get more followers
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And since you're here. Follow Me. Please & Thanks.

  • Invest in a camera 
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All the pics on my blog are taking on my phone. I think if I'm gonna take this blog seriously, think its high time I invest in an actual camera.

P.S. I'm gonna do an update in December to see how I'm doing. Remind me please.
Peace & Love,
Chialine <3

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  1. Aww love this post. Goal Digger !! Yes to new adventures and weekly posts !

    1. Thanks Adrienne. Thats the aim for this year. Hopefully I'll keep to it. *fingers crossed*

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