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So there have been quite a few trends I've been, thought i'd share. As I was told by certain friends of mine that I need to go back to my slaying/fleeky days and stop walking around like a bumming nerd. #theabuseidealwith
  • Chokers

Photo credit: Forever 21
I've been looking at fashion bloggers and how they've been styling it, i'm slightly in love. I can imagine me in a choker like in above picture, with a high ponytail, makeup done....YAAASSS! Christine, Najay, Lori and Naji would be so proud. DWL
  • Distressed/ Slit Knee Skinny Jeans0431_8854_832_of
                           Photo credit:
Think they add an edgy look to a basic outfit, than just a basic pair of  blue or black skinnies.

  • High-Slit Pencil Skirt

       Photo credit:
I'm all about the high-slits. I'm 5'9 and basically 60% legs, so if i'm gonna show off something, i'll show my legs.

  • Thick Heeled Sandals

 Picture shows Steve Madden Carrson Sandals. Courtesy of Pinterest
Similar design can be found at Shoe Tease Ja/ @shoeteaseja on instagram. Kind of stalking their insta a little. :D

Hope you guys like some of my fashion loves. Share with me one thing you're liking from the fashion world.

Peace & Love,
Chialine <3

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