8 Challenges of Being a Law Student


As a law student we seem to have life very easy. As we are humans, we all have challenges and here are eight(8):

1. No Money
If you've never heard a law student say, " mi poor enuh", " weh mah get money fi dat" or "my school fee nuh done pay for yet enuh" among others. You don't know law people. With a school fee of $10,000 US, yeh we can't afford to "floss".
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2. Having Other Faculties Think We Go School To Idle
ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Just because you see us chatting instead of being in our book 24/7, DOES NOT mean we don't study and get our work done. OK!

Either there are very few copies in the library( e.g. 4 copies of an important text to 120 students) OR when we feel "cute" and go to the book store to find the book. Only to find out the book you need for the course is $8,000JA, so you put it down and walk away quickly.

4. Nuff Stress
You left high school thinking CSEC or CAPE was the biggest stress EVER! You got jokes....truly.
The task of remembering 30 or more cases and their details for each course, will make any person go "coo coo". As well as remembering 100's of pages of content just for one topic of probably a 5 topic course, is truly a TASK. Surprisingly most if not all of us law students have not been admitted into Ward 21(crazy people ward) or Bellevue Hospital....yet (joke).

5. Registration

Someone please tell me why a certain institution think we have $500,000-$1,000,000 just tucked away, lay waiting each new year. OYE WE DON'T! So if you could be so kind, if we show that we at least trying to pay off the last semester before the new year. Help a sister or brother out, let us register. PLEASE!
Also, in the law faculty, its known that there is a 80% chance your lecture &/tutorial date &/ time will changed 2 or 3 times......YET, registration gonna close 2 weeks from when school start. What if I want to change a course after the 2 weeks because, after going to the class twice I realize its not for me......JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. Ah bwoy.

6. No Place To Study During Exam Times
Remember #2 where people in other faculties think we idling off our lives at school. Well, when is crunch time, guess what? WE HAVE NO PLACE TO STUDY, BECAUSE PEOPLE FROM OTHER FACULTIES ARE IN OUR LIBRARY, TAKING UP ALL THE SPACE!!!! Ya'll don't have the Main Library, the Science & Technology Library, The Med. Library.....unuh caah leave ours alone. Geesh. We don't mind sharing but come on. Ya'll take over the whole library.

7. Balancing School & A Social Life
As a law student, you either have to pick between reading those 2 chapters in each textbook OR choosing to going out with your friends and having a fantastic time. BUT....there are some people who do both, read before they go out OR go out and when they come home they take a quick nap and read. #Iamnotoneofthose #Ipickone #usingschoolwork #homebody

8. The Pain of Exams...LITERALLY!

For the 1st years (freshmen), I pity your hands for the first law exam in December. The amount of writing we law students put on our exam papers is truly a MIRACLE. Writing 2 or 3 essays in the span of 2 or 2 1/2 hrs; each essay written on 3, 4 or 5 sheets of paper (back and front).....NUFF WORDS DAT! I cannot tell u the amount of times I'm in an exam and I have to stop for a minute to "flash" out my hands or un-crick them. But as much is given from our lecturers, much is expected from us students.

DISCLAIMER: I must say, even though all law students have challenges here and there. The experience we have at the faculty of law is bar none (get it bar....ok nvm). We are educated by some of the finest legal minds in our society and region; and the stress we are put under is just helping to prepare us for the legal world beyond the university gates.

ALSO.....BIG UPS to my friends at law, who helped me put together this blog post. Thanks guys.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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  1. This blog is so accurate, my exact feelings since September 2014.

  2. Number one fan here. Your topic was so accurate. Free up the library man.




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