Lessons I've Learned at Age 20


In honor of my 21st birthday, I decided to do a blog post on the lessons I learned at the tender age of 20. This blog is like my journal but instead of it being private like most journals, its open for the world to judge or love me. So this is where my thoughts go.

So some of the lessons I've learned are:

 1.   If I'm hurting, I should be healing, not dating
My 20th year, lets say I opened my heart too often to people who obviously weren't right me. So I've decided to go on a dating hiatus for the WHOLE of my 21st year and maybe more. I need time to heal. Accepting FRIENDS tho.

2. I should be able to do things alone.
I've learnt that I should not have to depend on people to go here or there for me to be able to go. I should be able to say I want KFC, and get up and go there, even if no one else wants it or wants to follow me.

3. Anything that is meant for me, will be mine
Thinks that self explanatory. Though I'm very impatient, I've learnt that whatever will be, will be. All in God's timing

My relationship with God has gotten stronger over this year.

5. Knowing who to trust
If you know me, you know I talk a lot about my personal life and etc, and sometimes regret saying it around certain people. Through observation and trial and error, I've learnt who I can trust and who I can't.

6. Appreciating people who you love and care about.
You never know when they are gonna leave this earth. Cherish them. Tell them that you love them.

This had to be in caps, as this is ingrained in my brain. If he wants you, he will do whatever possible to get your attention and keep it.

8.Don't let your past, rule your present/future.
What is done, is done. Learn from the past, don't let it control you.

9. Even if no one is doing it, doesn't mean you shouldn't.
This is referring to my blog....you know the one you reading now. I always have doubts, if me doing these makeup looks and other posts on my blog makes sense, but something inside me is saying to continue. And that I shall.

10. If you want to change any aspect of your life. DO IT.
Don't let your comfort zone, fears or anxiety, hold you back from what is possible. Eg. If you wanna become more fashionable, look on blogs, or go on pinterest for some inspiration of what you want your style to look like. Don't let your t-shirt and jeans basic look make you not push yourself to look better. Its all up to u.

This isn't a personal lesson, but just something I've observed. A lot of people now a days, just tearing down people, and I'm wondering why. We should be uplifting people. Eg. If you see someone get an A, and you get a B, congratulate them. If someone gets a car for their birthday, TAKE YOUR RED EYE OFF THEM. Be happy with what you have, until its your time to get a car.

My 20's and even before that, is the time for me to figure out WHO THE HELL IS Chiann Henry. I've been find myself, knowing what I like and what I don't like; what I can deal with and what I can't deal with; knowing who I am and what I'm about and not being easily influenced by the people around me and their ways.

There are other lessons I've learned but these 12 give a general overview of the lessons I've learned at 20. Lets see what lessons I learn at 21....hopefully how to drive. *face palm*

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