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Hey, I'm Chiann Henry. My blog is about beauty, my life experiences, life lessons and if/when I'm able to  style/fashion. When I'm not blogging, I'm a law student, stressed by #lawlife, but enjoying every step of the way. Also I'm a semi-professional violinist and a violin teacher. #multifaceted.
 Did I say I was JAMAICAN yet? Born, raised and growing Jamaican, very proud of my little island and so much that we have done over the many decades since Independence.
Thank you so much for viewing my blog. Share it with your friends and on your social media. Help me to grow this little community into a bigger one. Also I'm all ears for post suggestions, they are always welcomed.

Instagram: @_chialine
Snapchat: @chialine
Email Address(if needed): brownpepperchi@gmail.com

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