My Go-To Clutch Essentials For A Night Out


On the rare occasions I leave my house, my clutch always has certain essentials that I'm going to need for a night out. I thought since N.Y. E is soon approaching, it would be helpful for what you may need in your clutch for your night out. Hope you enjoy.


1. Keys (House/Car)
2. Cellphone
3.Money &/ Cards (Debit/Credit)
4. Lip Products (So that you can re-apply your lipstick)
5.Hair Ties/Bobby Pins

Other Items You Could Add:

1. Other Makeup Products (eg. Powder, Mascara or Blotting Sheets)
2. Pads/Tampons (if its that time of the month or close to that time)
3. Painkillers (based on the situation)
4.Portable Charger
5. Pack of Tissue and Some Mints/Bubblegum

*Clutch bought at Brit Bran Fashion

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