When You Single & Its New Years Eve's Night (Girl's Perspective)


So your single and it will soon be the biggest celebration of the whole year....NEW YEARS EVE woooh....NOT. While your friends with partners have a fine time planning what they plan to do, you are there thinking what movie on Putlocker shall you watch that night, maybe get KFC for dinner and such.
Being single may not always be fun but if you look on the bright side, you can see the positives.

 The Joys and Despairs of Being Single on N.Y.E!!!!


1. On the day when everyone is TURNT UP, you with no obligations can either stay in your bed, hang with friends or get pissing drunk. All up to you. Usually in a relationship, you have to think about both sides and what each side wants to do. (eg. you could want to go out and your partner wants to chill at home). Now....you can do what you want without anybodies input needed

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2. Its a night to treat yourself. GIIRRLLL....get all glammed up. Eat at your favourite (even if its unhealthy) food establishment. Go negril and go ricks cafe and jump off a cliff. Do whatever your heart desire. Its the last night of the year. Live it up.

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3. Stay home and mediate on the past year, write down as well as in vision what you want to do in the coming year. Mediate on any changes you want to make to your life. Not all NYEs have to spent partying it up. Sometimes its good to just be by yourself and "medz life".
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1. The NYE kiss has become synonymous with New Years Eve, and you being single have no one to kiss at the strike of 12, when the new year rolls in. Going out, having fun until 11:59 when people are coupled up ready to kiss, and you are there just twilling your thumb, feeling kind of sorry for yourself.

2.Wondering if its worth getting all dolled up to go out with friends who in most cases have partners, and your are the third wheel. OR just staying in bed and watching movies, eventually feeling FOMO (fear of missing out) because you couldn't find the courage to spend this NYE dateless around your friends.

3. Though meditating is a good thing. If you are one of those people to over analyze everything in life, don't meditate on this day. The thoughts usually involve ex partners and how they use to be good to you, all the bad things you have done this past year, what a failure you are among other negative thought (TIP: STOP THOSE THOUGHTS, IT DOES NOTHING FOR YOU)

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I'll likely be in bed, so let me know what you plan to do for NYE. 
Hope you guys had a GREAT Christmas and I hope you have a PROSPEROUS New Year.

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