My Dry, Sensitive Skin Care Regimen


So I was having a conversation with my friends Saf and Naji, about skin care, and I realized I actually have a good regiment at the moment that makes my skin feel good; and not feel like its on the verge of peeling, burning, dryness and tightness.

This regiment include a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and a face mask.

I have never repurchased a face cleanser.....but after using this cleanser, and going back to regular foamy cleansers, I was like #FixitJesus, Fix it! and headed straight to a pharmacy to pick up the cream cleanser again. Based on my research (limited but yeh), foamy cleanser are not ideal for dry skin, as they can be slightly drying and harsh on the skin. So just imagine already dry skin. 
Cream cleansers are very gentle, moisturizing and non-sudsy. #GOODFORDRYANDSENSITIVESKIN! My GO-TO!

As you can see, my bottle is almost empty, this is GOOD AS GOLD,need to re-purchase! Tried other toners in the past and as you guessed it, dried out my skin. I tried so many products and I'm just happy to have found these things. My witch hazel is from Earth Elements, and it works as my toner. It doesn't contain alcohol like other toners, so it doesn't dry out my skin. 
Other uses for witch hazel can be found at :

This product works for me as both a moisturizer and sunscreen. Every one who has dry skin know you neeeeed a good moisturizer. I really like this one, a little goes a long was in regards to this product, and it absorbs quickly into the skin.  Plus living in a tropical island such as Jamaica, where it can be up to 92 degrees F, sunscreen is NEEDED! So I kill 2 birds with one stone. Wooot woot!

Earth Elements Bentonite Clay Mask

Based on the packaging, it says, "Purifying/Acne Treatment, Tighten Pores and Detoxify skin, and Deep Pore Cleansing". I use this a deep pore cleansing mask, after I remove my makeup, I use it to make sure my skin gets a thorough cleaning. I also use it, when I feel zits coming up, it works wonders. Even helps with hormonal acne when mother nature decided to pay a visit. #LOVEDIS! 

Hope this helped someone. I know testing skin care to find a suitable match for your skin type, can be challenging, irritating and EXPENSIVE.  

*not a dermatologist....just a lady who has found products that work for her own skin type.
Also, if you have any recommendation of products that help to lighten dark spots and such. Let me know in the comments below. Thank in advanced.

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