2015 vs 2017 (Makeup)


So that I don't blind anyone with a bunch of my old photos, I just decided to use 1 old makeup photo and 1 recent makeup photo and do some comparisons. To those who don't know I've had this blog for over 2 years, on and off, beginning with poor quality, but I'm improving I believe in content and quality.  Hope this humors you as much as it humored me.

So this look is from January 2015..... *major face palm*

Date Night Makeup..... (NNAAAHH)

UMMMM....! I literally don't have anything to say.... It seems I didn't know bout foundation and concealer it seems. Look at those eyebrows, the eye shadow and that eyeliner tho. SMH. Poor quality picture. WOW. I didn't understand the concept of flawless skin. My lip gloss was not poppin. Dark eyeliner made my eyes look smaller. I believe I was still sorting out my skin problems (dry skin problems).
In this blog post, I didn't even have the products I used or instructions. Baby Chialine....OH DEAR!


That Classic Red Lip Look

Looking at the 2 pictures, I gotta thank God, my makeup game improved DRAMATICALLY.
I seems I have discovered foundation and concealer (flawless skin achieved (somewhat), raae.... all have bronzer, and you can actually see my skin colour and such. OMG....THE IMPROVEMENTS! May I continue to improve and better my skills.

Makeup and this blog is my de-stress, where I show u the madness I do to my face and what I'm interested in at the moment.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. This is still so hilarious.

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